Street Fighter V Rank Distribution and percentage of players - 2020

Street Fighter V Rank Distribution and percentage of players - 2020

The rank distribution and percentage of players in Street Fighter V. Data on all platforms from Capcom Fighters Network. Find out the true value of your rank.

Source of the data

The rank distribution is based on the official data available on the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN). Using this website you can check out leaderboards, statistics on each character, and even info on other players, such as their latest recorded ranked game.

  • All platforms are included (PC and PS4).

  • These statistics are quite accurate, however, they are not perfect: the entire player base is considered, which includes also players that are currently inactive, and those who played a few ranked games and didn’t progress further.

  • The data won’t be updated monthly, but only once or twice per year, so you might find fresher data in a few months.

  • Credit to LimitlessCSGOTV who manually gathered the data of February.

More rank distributions:

Rank distribution

Season 5 - February 2020

The data was gathered in February 2020 during Season 5. All platforms are included.

Street Fighter V Rank Distribution February 2020 Season 5

The table below shows the number and percentage of players at each rank, and the top percentage. For example, as a Super Platinum you are in the top 3.39% of the player base.

The table is sortable and responsive. If you are using a phone, you may have to turn it sideways for a full view. Otherwise, zoom in or click the grey area to swipe it and sort it.

Rank Players Percentage Top%
Rookie 442515 38.59% 100%
Bronze 240547 20.98% 61.40%
Super Bronze 143453 12.51% 40.42%
Ultra Bronze 61740 5.38% 27.91%
Silver 71488 6.23% 22.53%
Super Silver 36046 3.14% 16.29%
Ultra Silver 21926 1.91% 13.15%
Gold 43183 3.76% 11.24%
Super Gold 17534 1.52% 7.47%
Ultra Gold 9904 0.86% 5.94%
Platinum 19292 1.68% 5.08%
Super Platinum 10281 0.89% 3.39%
Ultra Platinum 4337 0.37% 2.50%
Diamond 11525 1.00% 2.12%
Super Diamond 6301 0.55% 1.11%
Ultra Diamond 2848 0.24% 0.56%
Master 1551 0.13% 0.32%
Grand Master 1617 0.14% 0.18%
Ultimate Grand Master 396 0.035% 0.04%
Warlord 58 0.005% 0.005%

A summary of the data

  • According to the data, the average Street Fighter V player is placed at Bronze and Super Bronze as these tiers start from the top 61% and 40% respectively. 

  • Just a tiny portion of the player base reached the top ranks. Platinum is equal to the top 5%, while Diamond and above is a very restricted group containing about 2% of the players.

In most games with a competitive ranked system, the distribution is a bell curve with 50% roughly in the middle, but in this case we find most of the players in the bottom 5-6 ranks. 

I believe this is partly caused by Capcom LP system and partly by the data source, as we consider also inactive players. Perhaps, the results would be slightly different if we could access only the data of the players who fought at least a ranked match in the past 30-40 days.

Rank divisions thresholds

Below, all the ranks in Street Fighter V and the League Points required to reach them.

  • Rookie: 0 LP

  • Bronze: 500 LP

  • Super Bronze: 1.000 LP

  • Ultra Bronze: 1.500 LP

  • Silver: 2.000 LP

  • Super Silver: 3.000 LP

  • Ultra Silver: 3.500 LP

  • Gold: 4.000 LP

  • Super Gold: 5.500 LP

  • Ultra Gold: 6.500 LP

  • Platinum: 7.500 LP

  • Super Platinum: 10.000 LP

  • Ultra Platinum: 12.000 LP

  • Diamond: 14.000 LP

  • Super Diamond: 20.000 LP

  • Ultra Diamond: 25.000 LP

  • Master: 30.000 LP

  • Grand Master: 35.000 LP

  • Ultimate Grand Master: 100.000 LP

  • Warlord: 300.000 LP

Note that you earn and lose points depending on the opponents’ rank - the LP difference has no influence.


  • As a Super Gold, you win/lose a fixed number of points against another Super Gold, you earn a slightly larger amount by defeating an Ultra Gold, and you lose a bit more when beaten by a base Gold.

  • Diamond ranges from 14.000 to 19.999 LP. A freshly ranked base Diamond player with 14.000 LP will earn the same number of points by defeating a 15.000 or a 19.000 LP Diamond player.

Header image: Capcom

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