Hearthstone Rank Distribution and percentage of players

Hearthstone Rank Distribution and percentage of players

The official Hearthstone rank distribution data released by Blizzard. Find out the percentage of players by rank and the true value of your skill.

Blizzard doesn’t provide an API to acquire info such as the rank distribution of the player base, but they shared directly the data in September 2014 and November 2019. The statistics include only active players who have played at least one game during that specific month.

We can’t predict when fresher data will be available, but I will update this article as soon as Blizzard will share new info.

Rank distribution

Rank comparison: 2014 to 2019

The table and graph below summarize the Hearthstone rank distribution in 2014 and 2019 for a quick comparison.

Hearthstone rank distribution comparison September 2014 vs November 2019
Rank 2014 2019
Legend 0.5% 0.3%
Rank 1-5 2% 6%
Rank 6-10 5.5% 12%
Rank 11-15 17.5% 19%
Rank 16-25 75% 63%
  • Rank 16-25 is still the most populated area, but the percentage of players decreased by 12%.

  • The number of players at higher ranks increased (Rank 1-5 tripled), however, Legend became even more restricted moving from 0.5% to 0.3%

    • I believe the situation at Legend has been caused by the Evolve Shamanstone meta in November: it provoked many complaints, and several players decided to skip the grind to Legend in that period.

    • Hearthstone is a lot less grindy because the current system always places a player 4 ranks below their end-of-season rank. Before, legend players started the new season at rank 16, while now they start at rank 4.

November 2019

Hearthstone rank distribution November 2019

Top percentage of players

Note that ranks 50 to 26 are excluded from this list as they are exclusive to new players.

  • Legend: Top 0.3%

  • Rank 1-5: Top 6%

  • Rank 6-10: Top 18%

  • Rank 11-15: Top 37%

  • Rank 16-25: Top 100%

Ranked Play player base

There is no info on the exact number of active players, however, August Dean Ayala, Lead for Card Design and Battlegrounds on Hearthstone, provided some info on the player base:

I can say that millions of people have returned to Hearthstone during this expansion, on top of the millions that were actively playing already :).

A pretty large chunk of players just don’t play ranked at all. Some only casual, battlegrounds, arena, single player, etc.

Considering August’s statement, the data is a bit skewed towards the lower end because the players who play mostly the other game modes are usually stuck at rank 19-20.

September 2014

Hearthstone rank distribution September 2014

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